RPK Releases Lunsford Complaints

We told you yesterday that the Republican Party of Kentucky’s chairman, Steve Robertson, was filing complaints with the FEC and FCC against U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford and The CW Louisville/WBKI-TV, alleging campaign finance violations.

The RPK just released the official complaints along with accompanying exhibits. A Page One story is included as evidence in both complaints. Does this mean our silly little blog has reached the big time? Of course not, but we love having our egos fluffed! Even if we disagree with the manner in which they’re being fluffed.

The Exhibit

FCC & FEC Complaints, Respectively (PDF Links)

And we thought Mitch McConnell wasn’t afraid of Bruce Lunsford. Boy, were we wrong. We love that McConnell is now campaigning for Greg Fischer. And, we’re (honestly) pleasantly surprised that McConnell is taking the senate race seriously.

Sidenote: Get ready, folks, you’re going to hear nothing but “Bruce is the Devil” from a few disconnected folks who write about Kentucky from afar. Too little, too late.

UPDATE @ 2:21: It’s been brought to our attention that the CW has pulled the Lunsford interview from their YouTube account.

What gives? It’s not like it’s not already out there for public consumption.