Fischer-Crowley Story Update: From March

Back in March Greg Fischer’s campaign manager, A.J. Carrillo, lied to us/misled us about the departure of media consultant John Lapp. We reported, rightly so, that Pat Crowley had employed sloppy journalism in his story about the departure:

Dem U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer has been dumped by his Washington-based consultants, McMahon Squire Lapp and Associates. Rarely good news when a candidate and consultant split just as the campaign gets going.

Pat didn’t mention who his sources were, where he got his information– not even an unnamed source, didn’t offer any assurance that his version of the story could be believed in any way. After tons of criticism from us and dozens of other sites, Pat still didn’t bother to clarify his story. We stand by what wesaid in March: that’s sloppy journalism. Newspaper reporters aren’t usually the type to write a story so lacking in detail, you know.

Tons more after the jump. But ignore it if you hate ego trips.

If Pat had spoken to someone on the Fischer campaign to back up his story, he could have said as much without identifying them. Strangely, none of the sources we’re close with on the Fischer campaign (they’re the only people who’d have any knowledge of Lapp) admit to ever hearing from Crowley about the matter. Pat didn’t even mention whether or not he’d spoken to Lapp about the matter. (Note: He’d had a working relationship with Lapp as a public source on stories in the past, like we said.)

We’re sorry if we’ve caused him any grief, which his hateful ass emails begging us to retract what we said seem to indicate, but jeez. Thick skin is necessary when you’re charged with representing the fourth estate. And don’t write sloppy stories filled with holes that hack bloggers can tear apart.

Now Pat’s upset that we reported he cited Brett Hall as a source. He did. Read it here. (Not sure why he’s so upset over this one.)

Beshear to endorse Clinton?

Blogger Brett Hall reporting that Gov. Steve Beshear will endorse Hillary Clinton for president.

Maybe the governor should ask Sen. Clinton about her harrowing trip to Bosnia. Clinton said ina recent speech she had to duck snipers while on the trip. Seems, however, that didn’t happen.

We don’t dislike Pat and don’t wish him ill will. But what the hell is with grown men who can’t handle criticism? If the man had an issue with what we’d written in March, he should have spoken up instead of festering in his own juices for more than a month. Or, at the very least, he could have clarified what he wrote on his blog.

Long story short: We called Pat out for what we thought was sloppy journalism– and then later reported that A.J. lied to us about that sloppy story that Pat wrote– and now Pat is pissed?

Happy now, Pat? A.J. was dishonest with us and we called him out the second we found out. But that doesn’t change that your work was sloppy as a journalist. And, no, we aren’t held to the same standards because we aren’t journalists and don’t have the reputation of a Gannett newspaper to uphold.

People need to ditch their crabby attitudes. There’s something to be said for professionalism and personal respect. Greg Fischer is cordial with us when we see him and we’ve been harshly critical. Hell, Steve Henry is friendly when we see him!