Andrew Horne Speaks Out on Greg Fischer

Andrew Horne just sent out an email blast on behalf of Bruce Lunsford’s campaign for U.S. Senate. Horne details the damage potentially done to the Democratic Party by Greg Fischer with his misleading attack on Bruce Lunsford.

Here it is:

Dear Friends,

This country can’t afford any more of the Republican Party’s failed leadership. It’s the reason I first became involved in politics, and it’s the reason i’m writing to you today.

This fall will be the election of a generation. That phrase is often used but this year it is truer than any time in my life. The middle class is in critical condition as a result of the economic and health care crisis while the Iraq War drains our national wealth and deeply undermines national security. With the added pressures of economic competition from Asia and climate change our Republic is at a crossroads. To move forward we must have a new direction of leadership. A Democrat as President is obviously a major goal, but, in Kentucky the most important contribution we can make is retiring the Obstructer-in-Chief, Mitch McConnell. However, Democrats have no chance of reaching our goals nationally or in Kentucky without unity. As a consequence, I am deeply disturbed by the most recent, vicious attack ad against Bruce Lunsford that was released by Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer as it contains numerous false claims and mischaracterizations. It is truly disappointing that Greg would resort to tearing down a member of his own party in such a manner. The damage these personal attacks and scorched earth campaign against Bruce will do to our chances of beating Mitch McConnell in November could be irreparable.

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Fischer-Crowley Story Update: From March

Back in March Greg Fischer’s campaign manager, A.J. Carrillo, lied to us/misled us about the departure of media consultant John Lapp. We reported, rightly so, that Pat Crowley had employed sloppy journalism in his story about the departure:

Dem U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer has been dumped by his Washington-based consultants, McMahon Squire Lapp and Associates. Rarely good news when a candidate and consultant split just as the campaign gets going.

Pat didn’t mention who his sources were, where he got his information– not even an unnamed source, didn’t offer any assurance that his version of the story could be believed in any way. After tons of criticism from us and dozens of other sites, Pat still didn’t bother to clarify his story. We stand by what wesaid in March: that’s sloppy journalism. Newspaper reporters aren’t usually the type to write a story so lacking in detail, you know.

Tons more after the jump. But ignore it if you hate ego trips.

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Ruh Ro: Drama in Cassaroland?

Sure, Cassaro’s campaign doesn’t matter, but there’s drama!

We hear from several former campaign staffers of Michael Cassaro that he is refusing to pay them. (Who knew four staff members had departed?) Three of the former staffers allege physical and verbal harassment (not sexual, just unwanted touching) from the campaign’s Communications Director. The staffers attempted to quietly resolve the harassment issue with Dr. Cassaro but he promptly ignored their complaints, later terminating them without payment.

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RPK Releases Lunsford Complaints

We told you yesterday that the Republican Party of Kentucky’s chairman, Steve Robertson, was filing complaints with the FEC and FCC against U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford and The CW Louisville/WBKI-TV, alleging campaign finance violations.

The RPK just released the official complaints along with accompanying exhibits. A Page One story is included as evidence in both complaints. Does this mean our silly little blog has reached the big time? Of course not, but we love having our egos fluffed! Even if we disagree with the manner in which they’re being fluffed.

The Exhibit

FCC & FEC Complaints, Respectively (PDF Links)

And we thought Mitch McConnell wasn’t afraid of Bruce Lunsford. Boy, were we wrong. We love that McConnell is now campaigning for Greg Fischer. And, we’re (honestly) pleasantly surprised that McConnell is taking the senate race seriously.

Sidenote: Get ready, folks, you’re going to hear nothing but “Bruce is the Devil” from a few disconnected folks who write about Kentucky from afar. Too little, too late.

UPDATE @ 2:21: It’s been brought to our attention that the CW has pulled the Lunsford interview from their YouTube account.

What gives? It’s not like it’s not already out there for public consumption.

Sources: Fischer Campaign Falling Apart

This is the straw that’s breaking the camel’s back in the ongoing saga of A.J. Carrillo Sinks the Fischer Ship. Greg Fischer’s Communications Director (we aren’t naming her because the story isn’t really about her) is resigning. She’ll begin working for the Clinton campaign this Saturday.

We hear from several little birdies on the Fischer campaign that a couple things called sexism and ignorance are prevalent under A.J.’s management. There’s no excuse for treating women like second-class citizens. And being politically inept is embarrassing. It doesn’t help that A.J. repeatedly does things like use the Communications Director’s laptop to send controversial information via email– in her name– while she’s away from her desk. We also hear he’s not keen on running the morning meeting or being aware of what’s going on– he leaves it up to his staff.

It’s no wonder we receive tips from staff on a regular basis.

While it doesn’t directly relate to Greg Fischer as a candidate, in the end he’s responsible for his campaign manager’s behavior. Allowing things to get so difficult and uncomfortable for a respected staff member without stepping in to find a resolution is indicative of indifference or disconnection. Either doesn’t sit too well with many folks with whom we have spoken.

P.S. Congratulations to the Communications Director on the new job.

UPDATE @ Noon: To clarify, the campaign’s Communications Director has not been a source for us. It’s four other individuals. (We can prove it, confidentially, if need be.)

And the bit about sexism and ignorance isn’t solely directed toward the Communications Director. It’d be absolutely silly to assume she couldn’t handle herself in any situation. We know her to be a strong woman, both personally and professionally. She’s not the type to cave under pressure.

That doesn’t change the fact that sexism has been alleged by other individuals. It’s no secret that Fischer’s male powers that be have been sexist. That’s just a given in Kentucky politics.