Fischer Campaign Attacks Horse Industry Again

For the second time in a day Greg Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate has attempted to harm Kentucky’s Thoroughbred Horse industry. In a veiled and passive attack against Democratic primary candidate Bruce Lunsford, the campaign is ignoring reality and pushing the mainstream media to paint Lunsford as a traitor for sending a surrogate to the Ruby Laffoon Democratic Dinner. See our earlier story from today for background information and facts about the Thoroughbred industry.

More about Fischer’s strange attack that could potentially harm Kentucky’s economy after the jump…

Here’s what Fischer’s camp had to say in a press release:

Fischer questions Lunsford’s absence at Democratic event

Lunsford Snubs Western Kentucky Democrats

(Louisville, KY) While Democratic Senate candidate Greg Fischer greeted a reported 3,000 guests at Saturday’s Ruby Laffoon Democratic Dinner, Democratic opponent Bruce Lunsford refused to attend. Instead, Lunsford reportedly choose to attend the Dubai World Cup in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates.

Campaign Manager A.J. Carrillo said, “Apparently Bruce prefers rubbing shoulders with Arab sheiks in Dubai than shaking hands with Democrats in Madisonville.”
arrillio said, “With the economy in the tank and Kentucky’s working families and seniors struggling to make ends meet, it is disappointing Bruce doesn’t care enough to listen to their concerns. The economy doesn’t seem to be as troubling for him.”

Apparently A.J. Carrillo, Fischer’s campaign manager, isn’t paying attention to reality on the ground here in Kentucky. Far be it for us to be pegged as Lunsford apologists, but this is getting silly.

Bruce– along with dozens and dozens of other Kentuckians– served as an ambassador of sorts to Dubai this weekend while promoting Kentucky’s Thoroughbred Horse Racing industry. An industry, as we reported earlier, has a $4 billion economic impact on the horse economy, an $8.8 billion impact on the tourism industry, $240 million impact on the Kentucky Horse Park, $217 million impact on the Kentucky Derby, $650 million impact when it come to yearly horse auctions, $127 million impact on exports and an outrageously huge impact on jobs– employing up to 100,000 people in Kentucky.

Like we said earlier, attacking Bruce Lunsford for his faults is a-okay and to be expected in a campaign. But attacking him for ignoring Kentucky’s economy while he’s in the process of doing something to save Kentucky’s economy with his own money seems more than a little short-sighted and hypocritical. Because, let’s get real, which is more important? Skipping a political rally with Hillary or doing something you’re well-known for that quite possibly has the largest impact on the state economy that’s possible in any unique industry? Let’s think about it.