Fischer Campaign Solicits MoveOn Endorsement

This should send the right-wingers of the state’s blogosphere into a writhing fit!

Greg Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate just solicited members of their Facebook group to help them secure an endorsement from Call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure there’s no simpler way to attract the ire of conservative-types in the Bluegrass than to align oneself with the MoveOn crowd.

Could they really be that hard up for cash that they have to beg for MoveOn money? The campaign claimed today in an email blast that it had raised $25,000 in under three (3) days but refused to provide evidence. Without it, we are unable to confirm the alleged contributions weren’t already in the works or in the hands of Fischer. (Note: This is a tactic I have used in the past to make fundraising success appear more impressive than reality.  Send an email out on Monday requesting help and another on Thursday claiming major success, though none of the funds received by the campaign were a direct result of an email blast.)

It takes cajones or serious desperation to openly solicit the support of MoveOn. We’ll let you know if we are ever allowed to look at the books.

Read the Facebook message after the jump…

Subject: Two exciting ways to help!


There are two exciting ways you can help Greg Fischer keep the momentum building!

First, please fill out the new survery on this race. We need to show MoveOn and others how much grassroots support Greg Fischer has. Please go to this site:

Help spread the word!

So. Thoughts?