Mainstream Jumps on Blog Ban Story We Broke

PolWatchers, Mark Hebert, et al have jumped on the journo bandwagon about Governor Steve Beshear and the Commonwealth Office of Technology putting an end to BloggerGate, which we were the first to break news of yesterday.

From PolWatchers:

State ends block on blogs

Reversing a policy set by former Gov. Ernie Fletcher, state-owned computers used by executive branch employees can now access blogs, said Jill Midkiff, spokeswoman for the Finance and Administration Cabinet.

From Hebert:

Welcome Back State Workers!!!!

State government employees will once again be able to read this political blog and others courtesy of the new governor.

Governor Steve Beshear has lifted the block on state computers’ access to political web sites.
But Beshear spokesman Dick Brown says allowing access to the political sites is “the right thing to do.” Brown says the governor trusts state employees to know what’s an appropriate use of their state computer and keeping information from them was not the right thing to do.

Interesting to note that only one member of the mainstream media bothered to give credit to the outlet originally breaking the story:

Ban On Blogs Bombed By Beshear???

PageOneKentucky is reporting that Gov. Beshear is in the process of lifting the ban on access to political blogs from state government computers.

Of course we’re bitter. We have giant egos. Heck, even the Republicans know how to give proper credit.