Oh Snap Monday! Stock Market Dies Edition

Governor Steve Beshear admits one of the following: he’s a hack who will break the law like woah and doesn’t want to be caught or he has no idea what on earth email is. Take your pick. Ralph Long chimes in, too. [H-L, Ralph Long]

Kentucky and Indiana are in a unique position with the Democratic presidential primary this year: bend over. Both Barack Osama and Hillary Clintoon are going to kill us all with their commercials, bumper stickers, yard signs and door knocking. Words of advice: act like you do when the Jehovah’s Witnesses show up. [C-J]

In case you didn’t know, Wall Street is dying and you’re going to lose your house like right now. Bear Stearns is being snatched up by JPMorgan for a mere $2 per share. Bear Stearns was at more than $170 per share last January, for reference. So, hopefully, some more crap will go down and we’ll not only be able to buy a new condo for cheap but also take several vacations this year. Cross your fingers. [Financial Times]

And the Fed has cut lending rates to financial institutions to 3.25%. World. Is. Ending. [Yahoo! Business]

Well? Crackhead or Leprechaun? We pick crackhead. How bout you? [Barefoot & Progressive]

Now Louisville’s Chris Thieneman says he’s potentially back in the congressional race since he didn’t file proper paperwork to withdraw. All we can say is this is a jacked up situation. Rick will probably have more on this later today. [Hebert]