Mainstream Catches Up to Horne Withdrawal

Finally. Ryan Alessi digs around to find out why Andrew Horne dropped out of the U.S. Senate race. As Ryan says, Andrew uncharacteristically refused to return telephone calls to him for an entire week. Further allowing the blogosphere to spread the truth of what really happened, allowing us to tell everyone that Andrew Horne was forced out of the race. All without having to do the dirty work himself. That should speak mountains to the hacks accusing us of being dishonest. It’s true. Andrew is allowing others to detail what went down. By remaining quiet. Silence is golden.

Advice to Ryan: Call us next time. We’ll give you inflammatory statements about what really happened and provide off-the-record evidence.

One of the funnier comments is from Beshear Chief of Staff Jim Cauley who is tied tightly to Bruce Lunsford via Achim Bergmann:

“Andrew made his decision all by himself with no encouragement from us,” Cauley said. “The governor told Andrew there would be other opportunities.”

As for Horne’s reasons, “you’d have to ask Andrew,” he said.

Cauley had the audacity to be dishonest. Painfully so. He may want to think twice about repeating this line, as we have a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Read the rest, including B.S. denials from the DSCC along with evidence backing our claims up after the jump…

The same goes for the DSCC, who denied pressuring Andrew while at the same time admitting the organization backs Lunsford:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which Lunsford said played a big role in talking him into the race, also denied putting pressure on Horne.

“No, we have never urged anyone not to run for the seat. Our goal all along has been to encourage opposition to McConnell,” said Matt Miller, DSCC spokesman.

That group’s executive director, J.B. Poersch, traveled to Kentucky this winter poking around for a well-known, well-funded candidate. Among the stops he made was Beshear’s office.

“I think the DSCC wants a candidate that can run and beat Mitch McConnell and has said that Bruce is a very attractive candidate for that reason,” Cauley said. “They gave that message to everyone who would hear it.”

But it’s one thing to recruit prospective candidates, and another to push others aside. Cauley said he didn’t think that occurred.

Note toward the end of that how Cauley admits the DSCC was chasing Lunsford and then denied the pressure against other candidates like Horne and Fischer. Something that has occurred in both camps.

How do we know it’s occurred? Well, to beat a dead horse, we have evidence. Here’s just a bit of the email we have received from people with complete credibility:

From a Fischer campaign staffer:

Schumer, et al has all ready screamed and yelled and threatened Greg and some of his key financial backer saying they will ‘crush’ Greg’s abiltity to raise money. We lost a couple of consultants that we had offered positions too because Schumer found out and basically said if you want any more work from DSCC – do not take Fischer race…

From a Horne campaign staffer:

Beshear’s people and the DSCC basically came in and screwed the entire campaign. When we wouldn’t drop out of the race they started threatening Andrew, his financial backers, elected officials who supported him, his campaign staff, told us we would never work on a Senate race again. Beshear’s people made it very clear to us that we could never work on a state race again either as long as Jennifer Moore or their other people are involved with the party.

This barely scratches the surface.