Andrew Horne Forced Out – A Round-Up

Burned that the Democratic establishment pushed Andrew Horne out of the U.S. Senate race in favor of Bruce Lunsford? Ticked that Steve Beshear & Crew, Jennifer Moore, Nathan Smith, the rest of the KDP, Chuck Schumer , J.B. Poersch, Martha McKenna, Matthew Miller and the rest of the DSCC including Harry Reid, Ben Chandler (to an extent/he played both sides of the fence), et al forced Andrew to leave a race he was steadfast in saying he wouldn’t leave? Pissed that John Yarmuth didn’t have the cajones to publicly admit he was supporting Andrew? Incensed that what happened in the 30th Senate District is happening on a statewide level?

The power brokers of Kentucky and Washington, D.C. just made a decision for you, Kentucky, and that decision is one which says you’re too stupid to select your own candidate.

Read up. Get fired up. Don’t settle for strongarming.

Tons more after the jump from the Mainstream media, Democrats, Republicans. Shiz hits the fan, boys & girls. Juicy, juicy…


Democrat Andrew Horne drops out of U.S. Senate race [Associated Press]


Joe Gerth is the only mainstreamer who gets it so far:

Military vet Horne drops out of Senate race [C-J]

There have been questions for weeks as to whether or not Horne, with two millionaire opponents in Lunsford and Fischer, could afford to stay in the race.

While his campaign made assurances he would stay in the race, it was unhappy the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee appeared to be backing Lunsford.

Last week, Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the committee, said it doesn’t usually say what candidates, if any, it is backing. But when asked whether Lunsford was telling the truth when he said the committee was backing him, Miller said, “I would never call Bruce Lunsford a liar.”

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Proof the right (some of whom actually ‘get’ that Andrew was forced out of the race by hacks) was nervous about an Andrew Horne candidacy:

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