BREAKING: Andrew Horne for U.S. Senate

It’s official, ladies and gentleman. Mitch McConnell’s worst nightmare has become a reality. And we’re the first to bring the news to you. Andrew Horne is announcing his candidacy for the United States Senate. The months-long and successful draft movement is over. The Democratic Party’s consensus candidate is here.

This is a first for Kentucky and a signal that the blogosphere is increasingly relevant. Welcome to campaign 2008.

From Horne’s announcement:

“I’m running for U.S. Senate because it’s time for a change and because Senator Mitch McConnell is more than part of the problem. He IS the problem. It is time for Kentuckians to take our government and country back. We should not be told to take a backseat to the wealthy and powerful. It’s time to tackle the challenges facing our country instead of passing them off to our kids. It’s time for leaders who’ll take the right stand.”

“Mitch McConnell, the Republican Leader, symbolizes everything wrong with Washington. He bows to big business, practices the worst kind of politics, and doesn’t take a stand when faced with tough issues. Simply put: Mitch McConnell carries George Bush’s water on Iraq; I carried a rifle in Iraq.”

As you’ll see in the video announcement below, Andrew Horne is a true statesman. The first in a generation.

Visit Horne’s campaign website here. Read his press release here.