Finally Revealed: FBI Wanted to Prosecute Steve Henry Criminally

In Ryan Alessi’s story about Steve Pence, there’s a juicy tidbit about his investigation of Steve Henry. Turns out the FBI wanted to prosecute Henry criminally for Medicare fraud but Pence wouldn’t budge. The quest to nab him went as high as “Let the Eagle Soar” John Ashcroft’s office.

Steve Henry, the former Lt. Gov. in the Patton administration, is currently under investigation for serious campaign finance violations. For the purposes of disclosure: I’m (Jake) one of the former Henry employees who delivered evidence alleging Henry’s wrongdoing and look forward to discussing that evidence when it’s all said and done. (Which will hopefully be soon) Until then, this revelation by Alessi is quite telling. Proof that Henry is capable of serious criminal offenses.

From the Alessi story:

In 2001, when he became U.S. Attorney, he inherited a high-profile case involving then-Democratic Lt. Gov. Steve Henry. The FBI had investigated Henry, an orthopedic surgeon, for improperly billing Medicare for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Pence declined to talk specifically about Henry, but he confirmed that in his first year as U.S. Attorney, he fought with the FBI over whether to try “a prominent case” civilly or criminally.

“I decided that the case would go civilly. FBI agents disagreed, and a couple of assistants who worked for me disagreed,” Pence said. “The FBI was so unhappy with it, they went to my superiors in Washington. In the end, it went all the way up to (former U.S. Attorney General) John Ashcroft’s office.” The U.S. Attorney’s office filed a civil suit against Henry in August 2002, and Henry paid $162,000 a year later to settle it.