Jim Gooch: Embarrassment, Should be Ousted

Rep. Jim Gooch needs to resign immediately. If he doesn’t, we’ll spend our own money fielding a primary challenger for the Western Kentucky democrat. Gooch is an example of House Speaker Jody Richards’ failed leadership. He should never have been appointed.

He got his ass handed to him on Good Morning America this weekend. What an embarrassment.

Here are some highlights. Try not to laugh when the host makes him look like an absolute fool. We especially love when he’s called out for personally benefiting from his votes as a coal industry hack.

Don’t forget: You can call Gooch to express your outrage at his stupidity.Who wants to run against him in the primary? Anyone from Hopkins, McLean, Webster or Daviess counties want to step up to the plate? We’ll help you raise money. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Jim Gooch: Embarrassment, Should be Ousted

  1. Jacob:

    Gooch isn’t the only one engaging in hyperbole. There’s plenty enough to go around. For instance, the host asks: “isn’t it a moral imperative… to err on the side of planetary surival?” Whew! Now we’re talking about the very survival of mother Earth. First time I’ve heard things would get that bad.

    He also references cyclones as a result of global warming, yet the first one recorded in history, according to a quick google check, happened in China more than a millenia ago.

    Gooch should have invited Bjorn Lomborg to speak instead of the flat worlders. Lomborg, an environmentalist would have said:

    1. Climate change is real and it’s manmade.
    2. To effectively roll it back would cost trillions upon trillions of dollars every year for decades.
    3. There are better, more humane ways to spend that money that trying to stop climate change.
    That would be a guest worth hearing.

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