Educational Disgrace

This Sunday the Kentucky Board of Education will meet to determine who their final nominees for Commissioner of Education will be. The nominees are rumored to be three individuals (all Republican), two of whom are current state legislators.

As David Adams of the Bluegrass Policy Blog reports the Board of Education is poised to rush their choice through the selection process just disasterously as they did Barbara Erwin. The entire Commonwealth of Kentucky is sitting idly by allowing to happen. The press isn’t saying anything and most bloggers are silent. So it’s time to speak up, people.

Is it too much to ask that the state Commissioner of Education be qualified to hold their job? Is it too much to ask that nominees for the job have experience leading a troubled department of education toward success? Seems those being considered are only qualified in the sense that they’re legislators or players in a political party. And that’s just not good enough for Kentucky.

Wake up!