Stan Lee: Caught in a Lie

KET hosted a televised debate last night among Kentucky’s candidates for Attorney General. Jack Conway and Stan Lee made for great entertainment. We didn’t once fall asleep like we did during last week’s gubernatorial debate on NBC!

There were many instances in which Jack Conway literally smoked Stan Lee, repeatedly calling him out for bigotry and extremism. Our favorite moment, though, was when Conway caught Lee in a lie about representing a mega insurance company.

Priceless, isn’t it?

Stephanie Steitzer questioned both candidates about their inconsistencies. Conway addressed Frank Simon’s endorsement of Democratic candidates (and Stan Lee, the extremist, demagogue and zealot– he says it’s fine for us to call him that) and says he wouldn’t stand with Simon.

Oh, Stan! Our precious Breck Girl! The citizens do think you’re an extremist. That’s why you’re trailing severely in the polls.

We won’t even get into the discussion on the marriage amendment and speak of the liberal gays. Just go watch the full debate at KET’s website.