The Senate snow job on Iraq

Stephen George penned a great analysis of the McConnell effort to slaughter Democrats on Iraq. George is consistently proving his journalistic prowess these days on matters across the board. Hope the rest of the state is paying attention to him.

Just check it out.

Senators hide behind in an outrageous attempt to deflect the debate

By Stephen George

It is beyond troubling that a well-paid body of representatives tasked with doing the essential business of the American people would instead waste taxpayer time and money on such a childish, inappropriate act as publicly denouncing a citizen advocacy group for exercising its right to free speech.

The group,, took out a paid advertisement (albeit underpaid, though it has since paid full price) in The New York Times. We will reserve judgment as to how appropriate it is to call Gen. David Petraeus a name — Betray Us — at a time when a serious discourse on Iraq and the efficacy of the Bush/Petraeus “plan” to keep our soldiers mired in a civil war is necessary. It goes without saying that the MoveOn ad, though it attempted to stoke serious questions about what the general was expected to tell Congress, has instead served Republicans well, drawing attention away from the actual debate and allowing quislings like Kentucky Sens.

Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning to hide behind some emotional, nostalgic defense of Petraeus as the ultimate American solider when, in fact, he has appeared to be something of a White House lackey.

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