Victory Lap for Beshear?

We hear that Steve Beshear’s confidence is over the top on the campaign trail, and for good reason.

With Ernie Fletcher unable to gain traction with his attacks on Beshear’s gaming plans, and with nothing significant to run on in his own record, Beshear’s 20-point margin seems real and lasting. No one’s buying Fletcher’s attacks on Beshear over the Ten Commandments or his involvement in the Kentucky Central mess, the only potential skeletons in the Beshear closet.

At a Louisville fund-raiser organized by Benham Sims and Larry O’Bryan last week, about $100,000 was collected for the Beshear campaign at the door, and other commitments to the event could bring the total raised at that event north of $150K. On Saturday, an unusually large union crowd got together to launch a “Get Out the Vote” movement for Beshear.

One person who attended the Louisville fund-raiser said the atmosphere was almost “weird” in that with just seven weeks or so until the election, Beshear was talking about getting out the vote and almost ignoring his opponent. Beshear hasn’t had to mount attack ads, especially with the Bluegrass Freedom Fund doing that for him, while Fletcher has put all his TV money in gaming spots, which were proven ineffective by the C-J’s latest poll showing that most Kentuckians (78 percent) favor letting voters decide the issue.

So with money pouring in and with Dems jockeying for roles in the Beshear administration, what had been thought a competitive home stretch is turning into more of a victory lap for Beshear.