New Medicaid Big Dog

Shawn Crouch - Kentucky Medicaid CommissionerKentucky gets a new Meidcaid commissioner. Everything is puppies and rainbows.

Shawn Crouch, formerly chief of staff of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, starts the new job on September 1. This after serving only 15 months in the CHFS job. Taking a quick peek at a Powerpoint presentation Crouch presented last month in Los Angeles, we learn he sings Fletcher’s praises and applauds his “visionary” health reform initiatives.

Trouble is Crouch may be a health insurance industry lackey. He’s worked for CHA and is credited for pushing the state into using a benefits administrator (aka putting an insurance company in the middle of things: allowing the insurance company to make a profit while limiting medications available to patients) for Medicaid pharmacy benefits.

What will become of Medicaid? Is this a good move?